does anyone have a free ebook download for kurt cobains journals?

great im in that mood where i cry over any picture of kurt damn

all these pictures and messages about kurt are making me really emotional :(((

Happy Birthday to my dearly missed darling Kurt! I love you so much and miss you to the moon and back. You would’ve been 46 today - im pretty sure all of our boys would’ve thrown you a huge party. you as a person is just such a special thing that deserves celebrating, everyday i celebrate your life and your existence by listening to your music and I love you so much i just wish i could tell you so. Happy birthday babe. Hope your having a good time ❤

kurts been gone for 19 years in april. time flys so fast i just can’t believe it, as all this time ticks on, I feel this overwhelming sense of sadness as i still haven’t come to terms with him dieing. i still feel like he’s here because he’s so often spoken about. it truly breaks my heart

it distresses me immensely when I think about what Kurt could’ve been like in his final moments. I can see him freaking out, hysterically crying, not knowing what to do with himself, distressed and frustrated. I wish you were still here man, so bad.. well, at least your in a better place now, where you obviously wanted to be. love you forever dude.

ok ive figured out i like brunettes best coz like i rather dave over kurt and taylor and i do like daniel johns who is blonde but from like 95-97 i liked ben gillies better when his hair was long but when he cut it off daniel looked better so yeah and they guys in real life i fancy have brown hair, one has long brown hair so um yeah unf